Thursday, March 18, 2010

volunteer teacher india, varanasi

Here is in picture you can see Mr. john from USA . He worked as a computer teacher in India Varanasi volunteer school, Saraswati Education Center. Everyday he is coming evening time and teaching all kids. All children also feeling very happy to learn computer classes from Mr. John because he teaches very interesting style with fun. As you can see in the picture also. Very soon Mr. john will leave Varanasi.
So we are also sad but we are waiting for other volunteers, let see. This is very good experience for the street kids because before they did not experience it. Weather is going hot here but not too much and festival is running here Durga festival. After few days we will start children examination so we are also now focusing their course material so that they could perform more better. Children also doing hard work every morning & evening time they are coming here getting education and after they are going their work. I hope soon we will success to stop their"s work because it is child labor and it is not good so this reason still now we are collecting fundraising for new land where we will make unique school for better education, shelter , education job for the kids & volunteer accommodation.

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  1. Hello Somit,

    I am Sanchita, wish to help these kids, I want to help, financially, I am budding fresher as of now, How can I help these peoples too. I stay in bangalore, If in any way I can help them please let me know.
    I am software engineer, who develops web programming. If in case my work can help these peoples, When I would be financially strong I would surely help them financially too. Its my promise.