Thursday, May 21, 2009

children saw ganga few & fundraising news

we all went 2 days before to see the sunrise with the kids it was very intresting in the morning time and we taught the children that wake up morning time it is very important and we should to work same like sun because sun rise same time like everyday and give us light same this we should to also puntual our time and in our life .. it is very important because world respect sun rise ... so we should to make always rise in our life ... all children has taken it seriously ... it was very good day ...and this time also activity classes is runing here...
and about the fundraising news yes we have gotton fundraising from the nico and his freind from Switzerland and it is about 1100 Euro and now we have approxmately 4200 $ and we hope that we will collect more good fundraising in the future also so that as soon as we could complete the dream project for the school... so please help you all ... and give to us continue your suggestion and idea ,, it is important for us...

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