Sunday, June 28, 2009

Special pray in School for the Rain

Today we all did special pray for the weather . we all need rain in varanasi because situation is going very bad day by day . lots of problem we all are facing electric, water , hot , food , fruit , etc. lifestyle has changed this toughest hot season . lots of children are sick we also prayed for them . we pray not any one particular god we prayed universal power , because we trust that our religion is universal religion ... and we all are same and god is same we believe natural power ,,, all children and myself also we did pray and we said
* Oh Creator of this beautiful world give us your power , rain and energy , oh creator give us your happiness , smile and cold , oh creathor give us good health , good body and mind ... Oh creator u know everything if we or our before generation did something wrong then forgive us ,,, oh creator forgive us ...please please please forgive us ..... Oh creator show us real way of life and please we all need rain please please please god give us ,,, we all will thankful for you always, , , thankhyou very much .

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