Monday, November 16, 2009

Programme with street kids of varanasi

As you know that in india every year we celebrate Childrens day and this year we have also celebrated with the kids and in this occassion we kept some culture programme and food programme in afternoon and night time was great all the kids of school and outside school they all participate in this programme . during in last 20 days five volunteer they have visited in the school 2 japaneese and three Canadean women ... all felt very well here and they have given here best energy with this programme and also told us how we should to make it more good so that many people could come here or know about this project . Madam Susan walton apprciated about golbal warming awareness course of saraswati education center she said it is a very good programme because this street kids of india will know a better way the meaning of global warming ... jenifer and helen also supported her point of view and they both also said that in future they will give their"s best help in this school and they have also given donation in the school .. thankyou to all of you ...

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  1. a great job done by you all i also have a ngo which is running since 2005 i need ur some suggestions to do some succsesful event against poverty,education etc

    i hope u will be share ur ideas with us