Saturday, December 26, 2009

X-MAS Celebrated, Varanasi, india

Merry X-MAS & New year -2010 ... everybody.
We all have celebrated X-Mas with our Two volunteers Linda ( in picture right hand) & Samantha Patric , from Australia ( in picture left hand ) . We decorated whole school, X-Mas tree.... and children came at 8.00 AM after we have did special prayer . after finish this we have given them for x-mas drawing stuff and they did it ... we all started their food and we have given them sandwitch, kandy , choclate, coffee, fruit drinks, cake, banana, cucumber, tomato, and at the end we have given them balloons. In first video you can see that children are playing monkey monkey game ... all children was full of energy. we all celebrated X-Mas with linda, sam and children. It was good experience for us. Thank you very much everyone for participate in this occasion.
we are planing to go sight seen for new year celebration.... with the kids...

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