Monday, April 21, 2014

Volunteers Paintaing Classroom, Teaching, Playing & Serving The Food for the Children

Volunteers from Germany & Spain  Ms Jenny &  Ms Taty Martinez Rodriguez are painting the Cupboard of the classroom . 

Spanish Volunteer Taty Martinez Rodriguez is painting our school bench with our Teacher.

Spanish Volunteer Mr. Jesus is painting school wall with full of happy mood.

Volunteer From United Kingdom Ms. Aphra Kennedy Fletcher is also painting with our other volunteers of the school bench.

UK Volunteer is drinking sip of Chain during the painting of the benches and classroom.

 Our both Volunteers are looking very energetic and happy with painting the classroom.

Our Volunteer From Germany Ms. Jenny is serving the food of Bhandara at the afternoon time of big meal.

Both UK Volunteers are teaching the  numbers to the young kids/childminder with game styles.

Children are taking fun and play with our Spanish Volunteers.

Our Italian Volunteer Marco is serving the food of Bhandra.

On the Durga pooja Occassion 9 small girls are eating.

Before Departure our good volunteers from UK Aphra, Ruba, Nathan & Clif is cutting farewell Cake, It was full of fun and memorable day.

It is group picture of all the school children and volunteers after farewell party.

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