Thursday, July 31, 2014

Fun , knowledge & Good time in Varanasi, India

Voluteer Stefania Caracciolo & Matthias Hefti are preparing balloons for distributing our lovely school children.

Our Italian volunteers with our group children picture.

Children are in the class before starting daily education.

French Volunteers From Humanisol organization  are showing how performing water Energy and how we can use it.

French Volunteers from Humanisol organization are showing how we can use air energy.

Humanisol Team are showing us how we can use Fire energy from Sun.

Team members from Humanisol are explained about Water, Sun, Wind and Biomas and they also said how it is useful in our daily life.

Italian volunteers have distributed World Atlas and it is very useful for us .

Underprivileged Children are happy after receiving notebook from our centre.

Our small school student is very happy to see volunteer phone when using it for game.

Our volunteers are working in our school place .

Volunteers are dancing with our school children, good time .

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