Thursday, January 14, 2016

2016 starts in Varanasi Volunteering with health assesment

Volunteers from United State of America with our lovely children from local center.

In photo time with some children and volunteers.

Volunteers are helping to teaching the children.

Our volunteer is teaching group of kids.

Our Second time volunteer visitor Connor Smith from Carroll College is giving lovely time for lovely child.

Carroll College students have distributed tooth brush, tooth paste and soaps .

Children are very glad after geting hygenic suppliers from our volunteers.

Connor Smith from Carroll College , USA is with our small children.

Famous Magician from America Mr. Matias is showing magic tricks to our children and all kids are very excited to see it.

Same these year too Carroll College students came here for yearly health assessment to all our local children. 

Volunteer doctor is asking all children about the pain in the leg....

In these group we had eye specialist and they are checking children eye sights too .

One picture from our local center with some doctors and student of Carroll College, America.

In our local center these boy had pain in his chest left side so volunteer doctor is giving treatment.

In our Slums Center all 24 Medical volunteer doctors have visited and given their"s precious time with love and effection .

In slums Ear specialist volunteer is checking all children ears.

All children check up was perfect way with all body parts with specialist volunteer doctors.

Some kids were scare when they saw doctors they thought they will give injection but our friendly volunteers make them happy in friendly way.

All children are very happy moods in these health check up of the slums year 2016 , Varanasi, India.

It was very large number kids came more than 85 children.

All children were very excited for health check up .

Volunteer doctor is doing check up for mouth and teeth.

Senior volunteers are doing full check up .

Some Families of Slums also want to share thier"s health issue with our expert volunteer doctors from Carroll College, United sate of America.

In the Group some Volunteer was writing the health status of each child so that later on , we could give them proper medicine. 

These small girl is week so volunteers are checking health.

In Slums Doctor group was divided in two parts one group was looking outside the room and one group was looking inside the room.

In slums peoples was also sharing their"s main health problems & Volunteers are listening it seriously.

In the local center of Classroom children are studying.


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