Saturday, April 30, 2016

April 2016 beautiful moment with volunteers and kids in Varanasi, India

Our Volunteers and Guests are doing Yoga training in our Yoga Education Training Society on Roof top.

Our Volunteers is making beautiful design hair to our school children in happy mood.

Our Group Volunteers Visited in our local center and given love , energy and support .

In Navaratri ceremony children are taking foods .

In play time our school girl with volunteers .

Study time volunteer is teaching.

Our cute kids are very happy after getting new dress from our volunteers.

Volunteer is taking several photos of kids and showing them ...

Our small boy is very glad after getting color book because he loves to draw with colors.

Volunteer is trying to teach about photography.

Our volunteer is teaching in our classroom .

Volunteer is teaching in very play style and children are taking it in good way.

Children are cleaning hands before taking morning foods from our center.

Our Morning yoga session and here peoples are doing meditation .

Our volunteer is making foods for everyone by kitchen. 

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