Sunday, March 5, 2017

February 2017, Varanasi, India , Volunteering in our NGo

Boys from our Education Helping program in photo session :-)

Our students from Varanasi Volunteering & yoga program.

Students from our Classroom seriously focusing in education.

Boys and girls from our Saraswati Education Center for volunteering program in Varanasi, India with our volunteers.

Donated shoes we have distributed to our lovely kids of center, Varanasi, India.

These girls is taking her measurement of shoes according of her feets.

Our Respected volunteer from Germany is teaching , lovely kids.

Sarswati Education Center we have organized Saraswati Pooja ( it is one ritual / ceremony for praying Goddess Saraswati )  Saraswati is education goddess.

Our Respected and very helpful Volunteer Jessica From Germany has given help in our Education Center one girl marriage arrangement , We are really very thankful for Jessica , She has given important contribution . Thanks.

Volunteer is helping to donating clothes .

Volunteer is taking the good size for children.

Friendly volunteer is taking right size for each children as you can see in these picture.

Volunteer from Japan is helping in classroom of children in very friendly way.

Our Germany  Volunteer is painting the classroom and recption :-)

Happy Volunteer and Our morning session lovely children :-)

Very energetic , full of compassion and friendly volunteer Jessica from Germany is giving colorful energy by paint in our center.

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