Sunday, June 25, 2017

with Volunteers celebrated International Yoga Day in Varanasi, India

Our Volunteer is very glad with children in our small classroom , Varanasi, India .

Children are doing very good yoga in world yoga day by yoga instructor Somit .

Kids are taking daily foods from our organization .

We have given foods for 2 children in one plate it increase their"s friendship .

We are happy and thankful for our volunteer because she has taken with foods with our boys and girls.

In international  yoga day children are prepare to do some yoga and listening now the theory of yoga for meditation .

All small Yogis are doing meditation by the help of Yoga Education Training Society , Varanasi, India.

Our yoga Instructor Somit , has given one yoga session and children are doing well here .

It looks very good that children are doing yoga & meditation and more important that they understood the values of yoga in our life . Thank  you everyone

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