Sunday, March 11, 2012

Field Joy, Painting & Eating

Nancy, from the USA organized a "feel trip" for the children to the Ravidas Park. We get there by boat on which the kids were singing a lot and also their parents joined. It was very interesting because none of them haven't been there before. It took one hour to reach and the kids really enjoyed playing with balls and swinging at the playground. They were fascinated by the big number of trees and started touching it. We also had a picnic with snacks and cold drinks which was organized by Rhi Joyce, a volunteer from Australia.


Rita & Jeff they helped to full paint on the wall in the school. now it looks beautiful as you can see uploaded pictures.

volunteer from USA Patricia & Yutian and Austria Louise Tylor are sharing food with kids.


  1. It was my pleasure to spend the last two weeks with the Children of the Saraswati Education Center..... I feel that while I may have given them experiences...and taught a few things....that these children have taught me more about my Possibility!! Thank you Somit for your Vision of this Center. I will be back in November!!! Much Love and Namaste!! Nancy Hai!

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