Thursday, April 5, 2012

school Reopened in summer time with water facility

We call it summer saybol machine and it use for taking water from the land. We have digged the land 150 foot length downside and throwed all pipes for bring out clean water, and finally we have completed, now 24 hours fresh water and we can use it for drink, bath and all other uses, actually summer time & other weather too, water is big problem here. In the picture Amit, Louise and Somit all are cleaning the place.

Somit is teaching Mohammad ( small talented boy ) with other kids at evening group session

our areas dogs are getting food and they love as you can see in the picture, i have started to give them food at least one time a day because no body give them anything. I am feeling happy inside after distributed them food.

Amit, he is main teacher and take caring of kids education level and we have made the group of all kids and we also fixed the benches in different direction so that it will not be too much rush as it happened past many times,

Last month Rhy has complited Volunteering work at Saraswati Education Center for 3 months as you can see that she is receiving volunteering Appreciation Certificate, which one we have started recently to inspire our volunteers and it will be useful in future as a prove in your country for any work.

Mr. Jason Flowerday, from South Africa is playing indoor game Ludo with our school four kids, these game usually play in four people and children are also looking happy mood.


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