Sunday, February 23, 2014

Classroom & Supported one poor family girl"s marriage ....

In our classroom Children are studying and watching white board during there math class.

Small kids are listening the English poem by teacher.

Our Volunteer from USA is teaching Match Subject and asking who can solve it and children are raising their"s hand to be first it was very interesting way to teach these kids.

Volunteer is teaching on the board and our regular teacher is supporting  him for translating the topics.

One Poor family"s girl is going to marry but being financial problem ... we supported and our volunteer from USA , Francine Popkin Donated Rice, Mustard oil , Refined oil and marriage shoes for the Bride , We are really thankful her kindness support, These family has invited too Francine Popkin in marraige ceromony for blessing to new Bride & Groom.

Mother of Groom with our volunteer Francine Popkin from USA.

We brought all Rice , Mustard & Refined oil  to Groom house and before that one snap in happy mood with our volunteer.

Our lovely Varanasi children from our classroom.

It is the beauty of Varanasi it also called Subhae Banaras. It is amazing to see sunrise by walk / boat every morning. 

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