Monday, March 10, 2014

B.H.U. & Canada Students / Volunteers are giving love

 Benaras Hindu University students are distributing clothes for the the our education program"s children.

Our volunteer Daniela Aqueveque from Chile with our school girls.

Saraswati Education Center , Canadian students group have visited with their"s 3 teachers in these group total member was 26, Our school children given warm welcome by garland.

 Our Canada Volunteer is very happy, it was her first time when someone given warm welcome with garland & love.

 Some Children and student of Canada took many pictures for keeping a good memories.

Varanasi volunteering program"s student and Canada school student are playing Chair game for fun and exchange the energy and love.

In these Chair game every step some loose and win but here we tried to show about the love , one canada student took one Indian child on their"s lap. It was really good time.

Our Volunteers are giving present to our small student.

 Full Photo session of the all volunteers on the roof top Bowl Of Compassion, It was huge and friendly group. We all have enjoyed lovely moment.

Canadian students are listening about the Indian Dance and after that she tried to teach her but she could not understand i said her already that she can visit next time too .

I am giving here Introduction of Varanasi and life style to all Canadian groups.

One our Canadian group student was playing our school children and they both are enjoying of fun in life.

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