Monday, April 27, 2015

Classroom , Street dogs , Sarnath Tour , Boat Tour & our Slums center with Volunteers

In the morning Foods 2 Children they are eating together, In other hand they are also good friend.

Our Volunteer is helping to feeding street puppies .

Street dog we are giving milk and all puppies they need it  Because street dogs they do"t get nutrition. 

Our Volunteers from USA is teaching Math on the board in our local center.

Children and the volunteers are going Sarnath day tour we have booked 2 big cab.

Ganga"s other side children and volunteers after playing the game they are fully tired and resting .


All children and volunteers are fully thirsty and they are drinking soft drinks ganga"s other side.


After finish the very good time ganga"s other side all children are going back by boat.


Volunteers are helping to distributing the foods between the Children.

It is the picture of  our slums school where teachers are teaching our students.

Volunteers also visited in slums center & they are asking about their"s education.


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