Saturday, May 30, 2015

May Month in hot weather energetic children & Volunteers from France , USA

In our local Center classroom here children are studying .

Our French Volunteer Radon Deborah is helping in Classroom to teaching small children.

Children are taking morning food in the middle of the class. They seem very glad to get it from our volunteer.

Our slums center view where children used to take classes every evening .

Volunteer from USA Emily Corbeille & Caylee Elizabeth are giving there love and sympathy to our slums children.

Our Volunteers from USA are getting introduction with our slums center children & teacher.

It was very memorable time when our Volunteer Caylee & Emily have given their"s teaching experience with our slums boys and girls.

Volunteers from USA have also called each children on blackboard and trying to bring out their"s confidence level in study.

Our slums education program all small children also given very good response to our volunteers efforts as you can see in these picture.

Children are very happy with our volunteers .

Group picture with our slums small group children and volunteers before living the city. We are thankful of Caylee & Emily who have given their"s love, blessing & support to these children.

 French Volunteers are trying to teach our lovely and small kids meditation practices . It is quite hard but not tough for children.

Our little French volunteers who has visited with her parents and joined in our class room.

Volunteers are teaching with fun and all students are enjoying these time with full of enjoy.

Studying time all children are focusing in education as you can see in these picture.