Tuesday, June 30, 2015

International yoga day , Children in Classroom with activities

Children are studying in Classroom .

They are doing English Handwriting in our center .

Hindi Handwriting children are doing so that they could get good handwriting .

our small children of education program is feeling shy with our new volunteers from Germany.,

On International Yoga day , Our Yoga teacher is giving yoga class to all children of our center. 

Children are doing Yoga with different different asanas .

These Asana give children strength in body with mind ( according the teacher ).

Children are doing Meditation , because meditation give peace , silent and smart mind with happy face.

Same place different children group are doing Meditation .

All kids are doing Pranayama , It is breathing Practice and they all are doing very seriously .

How we can use rough things like useless plastic bottles, other staffs so we are teaching how we can use it.... for our life.

All the kids they have collected in our project program Plastic bottles and planted trees.

All our education program children are very happy with excitement with new learning and planting a tree in small water bottles.

Our Volunteer is teaching by heart and kids are also friendly with them and learning seriously.

These picture are from the classroom at free time.

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