Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Children handicraft, Slums talent & friendly volunteers

Our school Children they are making handicraft with usefulness things like plastic bottle , empty box etc in thees way they can create the art from their"s own house and make nature healthy.

Some children in these group  have made box for keeping inside pen, pencil and other things . 

Our program boy has made fancy box.

Our volunteers has liked the best 4 handicraft with 4 talented children of school.

Volunteer from Spain is helping in the teaching program of Class.

Spanish Volunteers are with  the evening group children with balloons and playing in happy moods.

Spanish Volunteer is making hair of our school girl and also learning how to make female hair in Indian style .

Volunteer from the Spain is teaching the body parts name by one small statue .

Volunteer from Iceland is helping in the classroom for distributing the foods. 

In the slums they are preparing for the study in under guidance of regular teacher. 

Volunteer from Iceland is distributing Pen, Pencil , Eraser, Color and other school equipment inside the slums .

Slums children are focusing in their"s education program.

Volunteer is teaching in the slums center and children are also excited with focusing of education .

Slums small group of children they are doing separately class work. 

Babu student of slums made one flowers and requested to me update these picture everywhere. so cute.

Our school children are taking breakfast in our center.

Children are playing with the volunteers in the yoga room and everyone are  happy .

Morning breakfast and they are very happy and eating the Aaloo Partata.( Potato stuffs in the bread )

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