Wednesday, August 31, 2016

August 2016 in Varanasi, India Celebrated Independence Day & Flood came in the Varanasi.

It is one Children Group We have organized Fancy Dress competition . 

In our Education program most of the children they work in families but in their"s workaway  they made time and participate.

They all want to look pretty . Our Volunteer from India , Japan,  USA and France helped them . 

One another girl for photo session .

We have also enjoyed the foods Samosa, Jalebi and Cold drink with full fun.

 We have given each Children one Samosa in the beginning, after one more  and they loved it we cooked in our kitchen.

These Year heavy flood came in the city. Our children many families are effected .

Many kids families small homes are totally destroyed .... because some children live on the street...

Volunteer are giving foods to all children.

Group of Volunteers , After finish the help in the school they are drinking Chai.

Thanks Volunteer for accepting foods with lovely, innocent kids of Saraswati Educaiton Center, Varanasi.

 In the class room kids.

In our Yoga Education Training Society, Varanasi, India , We have gotten 3 girls from Japan they have learned Yoga & helped in the school.

Two small and lovely kids are eating the foods in one plate . They are good friend.


We have organized many types of activities and one video we have also. Thanks everyone.

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