Saturday, September 10, 2016

Celeebrating Teacchers Day & Group Volunteers Visited ,, Varannasi, India

All children Decorated the activity place and enjoyed Teachers Day :-)

We  have also  Organized Fancy dress competition. These little boy  won it :-)

Our group of Spanish Volunteers, They have Visited in Saraswati Education Center, Varanasi, India.

Our Spanish Volunteer is very glad to meet with these small boy warm welcome with garlands in our education program.

These team members main leader with our 2 lovely children of education program.

Main team member and friendly volunteer is taking warm welcome by our one of the most little boy.

Our volunteer could not control his happiness and givining love these boy.

Beautiful moments with 16 Spanish Group members and 39 our education program children , Varanasi, India.

One photo shoot with some children and full Spanish Group members.

On Teachers Day We made special foods for every children and they all have enjoyed these foods.

If you will see in these pictures  you can see that some good friends they have taken foods in one plate and eaten together.. 

All Children and teachers, members have enjoyed these days with full of good energy..

In the morning time our Yoga Expert Mr. Somit is giving Yoga Classes to some students.

Children always love if someone take pictures :-)

Our Friendly Volunteer from Spain is very Glad with the children and start to play with them.

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