Thursday, April 20, 2017

Our free education Programa these year 2 girls and boy are going Good school

Thank  you everyone, Our 3 students from free education program are going regular school from these year. Their"s name are
               1. Krishna Kanujiya ( in UKG class , Bengalitolola Inter college , Varanasi )
               2. Priya Tiwari          ( in Class 4th , Durga Charan Girls Inter College , Varanasi )
               3. Priya Kanujiya      ( in Class 1st , Durga Charan Girls Inter College , Varnasi )

Our short term volunteer who has visited just for 2 hours with his friends. In these picture right hand first girl is Priya Tiwari ( now she is happy going regular school ) .

Our Volunteer who has come here for the yoga and ayurveda and enjoyed the time with children we are thankful for his short time visit in  Varanasi, India .

These girl name is Priya Kanujiya ( 1st standard class )  , From these new session she is also going in regular school in Varanasi , Durga Charan girls Inter college ,

Priya Kanujiya is getting school dress of Durga Charan Girls Inter College , Varanasi, India.

Priya Tiwari ( Class 4th ) is also getting school dresses, It is good time for all of us, Thanks

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