Thursday, May 4, 2017

Varanasi, India , Ngo Celebrating Volunteers birthday, education and activities

We have given our Volunteer, Sharen surprise birthday party she is from South Africa .

Sharen is very happy to get these moment with our children families .

Playing music with the kids .

Everyone are enjoying the cakes.

Samosa ( makes by potatos and other vegetables ) , Cakes and Soft Drink.

Every Children we have given separately so that they could not fight and enjoy these moment with full of fun.

Our members are also helping in distributing the foods .

Our Volunteer , She has brought Presents for children and teacher and very useful one sound system for school use.

Our Classroom in relax time.

Our volunteer is giving sun glasses for eyes,  morning session kids .

Volunteer with kids from our Classroom , Varanasi, India .

Children are in full of energy with our very friendly volunteer.

All small children are full of fun .

Every boys and girls want to come in lap of our volunteer.

Our teen age volunteer with our one school girl playing the game.

Japanese Volunteer is happy with the kids.

We are thankful for our volunteers for giving lots of  love and time to the children.

in our Yoga Education Training Society , Student are doing yoga classes.

Volunteer is teaching body parts name by the style of songs.

from our classroom with volunteers.

Japanese Volunteer in photo session .

Children are taking foods . Thank you everyone.

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