Friday, June 2, 2017

June 2017 With Circosis Circus team in Varanasi, India

Circosis Circus Team members have visited in our free education program for the children, Varanasi, India.

In the beginning of first meeting with the kids they have given big fun .

Volunteers are giving the foods to lovely children of classroom .

Brazilian Volunteers is also giving her energy love and contribution in classroom .

She has also helped in giving the foods :-)

In the last moment , departure day picture of our Brazilian Volunteer.

One Group picture of Australian Volunteers and local children of  Varanasi Association for helping Children Education .

Sending Warm Greetings *** Namaste *** for everyone and every Visitors .

Little Volunteer Inke is giving hand shake  to all children :-)

Circosis Circus Member are performing for the children of Varanasi Volunteering and Ngo Program, India.

Senior member of Circosis Circus from Australia is giving good performance.

Teaching us Balancing pose of Body .

We are learning some tricks by Circosis Circus team members.

Making a Queue for learning some steps in Circus.

It is the Game Time for the kids of Saraswati Education Center / Yoga Education Tranining Society , Varanasi, India.

The last Moment picture before finishing the activities .

They made one beautiful Video by the tricks of Circus . We are Very thankful of their"s visits in our organization and we hope in future they will also come .

They have also taught us that peace and relax with all together are also very important so after finishing they said for relax with close eyes and children are following it. Thank You and most welcome Everyone here in Varanasi , India.

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